Fine compressors

Fine compressors

The quality of FINI compressors

FINI compressori, with its almost 60 years of experience, is one of the leading companies in Europe in the compressed air sector. The Emilian industry studies, produces and distributes solutions that meet the needs of every type of customer and for every use, from the home to large industry. The staff of engineers, technicians and specialized personnel work in synergy to create products of ever higher quality. The company uses computer tools and three-dimensional programs for design together with state-of-the-art robotic systems to assemble and test the devices in an automated way. The manufacturer, for the Italian market, offers specially designed after-sales services. The group assists the customer by suggesting solutions right from the design of the system and continuing during and after installation, with scheduled maintenance.

INDUSTRIAL screw models

The INDUSTRIAL series includes silenced screw models plus dryers and various accessories for compressed air treatment, as well as air lines for systems and fittings. In industry and small and medium-sized enterprises, these machines are among the most important elements. This rot was one of the first companies in our country to completely build air groups in its own plant. The ROTAR line is designed to work continuously in the most difficult conditions, with particular regard to modularity and energy consumption. Furthermore, the various models are easy to use and install and have reduced operating and maintenance costs. The series of rotary screw models includes the types MICRO (2.2-4 kW), CUBE (4-7.5 kW), QUADRO (7.5-15 kW), PLUS (15-30 kW) and GIGA ( 55-75 kW). K-Mid (5.5-7.5 kW), K-Max (11-15 kW) and TERA (75-250 kW) direct drive models, plus OS Scroll (2.2-22 kW) are also available ), oil-free, with spiral technology.

PROFESSIONAL piston compressors

FINI compressori has designed the PROFESSIONAL line for every professional use of compressed air. The different models respond to the requests of all types of customers, from those of the small craftsman to those of the industry, for an average demanding use. The piston, coaxial and belt driven models, lubricated, have power between 0.5 and 20 HP. The self-lubricated models are available in versions between 0.75 and 3 HP. They are of different sizes and shapes, with tanks from 2 to 1,000 liters. Among the various models we have PULSAR, the compressed air unit, perfect for small companies with the need for safe, medium-level and low noise air supply. GENIUS is a portable coaxial compressor, with a practical wheeled suitcase shape, with 1.5 HP of power and 6 liters of tank. JOKER S is very light and compact, JOKER M, oil free, is ideal for home work and DIY and the versatile JOKER L is perfect for the most demanding hobbyist.

Fini compressors: FINI MedicAir compressors

The MedicAir oil-free compressor series is specifically designed for the dental medical field. The different versions are reliable, efficient and durable over time and provide oil-free, dry and hygienically ideal compressed air. The Dr Sonic series has the lowest noise level on the market. The Med series is designed for modular applications, suitable for professionals who prefer to add the dryer at a later time. Both lines are very compact and take up no more than 0.6 square meters of space. For small dental and dental laboratories, the Sil-Dry models are suitable, small, silent and with tank equipped with anti-oxidation protection. For the simple power supply of the instruments, the AirLab models are available, whose air does not act directly on the patient.

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