Tuscania Nature Reserve - Lazio

Tuscania Nature Reserve - Lazio

Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Regional Natural Reserve; established with L.R. October 6, 1997 n. 29
Lazio region
Province: Rome

The Tuscania Regional Nature Reserve covers an area of ​​approximately 1,900 hectares entirely included in the municipality of Tuscania. The territory of the Reserve is mainly hilly, it goes from the maximum values ​​of 224 m in the town of San Savino (north part of the Reserve) to the values ​​of 170-190 m in the urban center of Tuscania and minimum values ​​of 30-40 m, long the Marta river and in the extreme south of the area.

Tuscania Nature Reserve (photo http://campingcar.uniterre.com)


Away from the beaten track and the southern edge of the Volsini Mountains, Tuscania is a charming town with many historical and artistic attractions: from the two splendid Romanesque churches of San Pietro and Santa Maria Maggiore to the Grotta della Regina, a vast Etruscan labyrinthic shadow, from the village well preserved medieval part of the Roman Via Clodia. All around the ancient village, the valley of the Marta river, with plains and wooded gorges and two cork oaks in the highest part of the protected territory which, as a whole, is devoted to the conservation and enhancement of the important historical monuments of Southern Etruria.

Information for the visit

Province of Viterbo - Environment Department
Via Sassi, 49
01100 Viterbo (VT)
Tel. 0761 313222
Website: www.areeprotette.vt.it

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